The Firm

The Isenegger International Advisory Group (IIAG) is a company based in Dubai that provides international legal services worldwide.

The founder and sole shareholder of the company, Ralph Oswald Isenegger, has been working for the past 20 years with the best law firms in the world and has been developing a unique network and know-how in the fields of international criminal law, extradition, sanctions, assets freeze and mutual legal assistance procedures.

IIAG is therefore working to provide its high profile clients with proper legal defense strategies in connection with all these legal fields, including in dealing with crisis management situations.

IIAG aspires to build strong relationships with its clients (individuals or corporates) with the main goal to solve any of their problems by faithfully representing their interests.

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Our Practices:

The Isenegger International Advisory Group develops an approach tailored to suit specific circumstances. Clients can rely on the firm to find the best team of solicitors, barristers or legal experts and professors to build the best strategy for their legal battles. 


Criminal Law

IIAG specialises in complex areas of transnational criminal law with over 20 years of experience using legal knowledge to provide the proper advice.

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IIAG works extensively in Extradition work, and some of the most notable legal successes have occurred within extradition proceedings.

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Crisis Management

As legal and Public Relations are complex and interconnected in high profile cases, IIAG organises the right PR strategy for each and every situation.

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Strategic Advisor

IIAG have developed a reputation as a trusted source for legal advice, using  industry connections to bring together the best legal team to suit each strategy.

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IIAG’s experience in arbitration law has ensured that clients are expertly informed and well defended to deal with arbitration proceedings.

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IIAG leverages excellent connections in the industry to provide advice and to negotiate complex cases, including in the field of transfers of football players.

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