Asset Recovery

IIAG has been engaged by both individuals and states to develop and implement asset recovery strategies.

IIAG is engaged in cases of asset recovery in two scenarios.

On the one hand, IIAG intervenes as an advisor to governments. It assists in developing a strategy in situations where embezzlement and corruption, usually at a very large scale, have taken place. In these cases, government officials, and persons related to them, have embezzled state funds. It is usually the successor government that seeks to remedy national budget losses by launching investigations into said individuals and recovering stolen assets.

On the other hand, IIAG advises individuals whose assets have been illegally frozen. In the cases undertaken by the firm, asset freezing usually happens following individuals being placed on national and international sanction lists. States will then initiate criminal proceedings against the listed individuals with the purpose of obtaining freezing orders on the assets (bank accounts, real estate, goods). IIAG’s role is to fight the sanctions and to organize and lead teams of lawyers in every country with active legal proceedings for resolving the illegal freezing of assets.

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