How We Work
How We Work - Isenegger

How We Work

IIAG is not a qualified law firm in the United Arab Emirates and is exclusively working as a consultancy and strategic advisory firm.

The firm’s usual approach encompasses the following aspects and necessary steps:

  • In-depth case analysis and strategy design;
  • Selection of the best team of lawyers (solicitors, barristers, legal advisors) and PR associates;
  • Managing strategy, which implies (1) elaboration of the strategy, (2) discussion and approval by the client, (3) communication and exchange with the dream team of lawyers that has been formed, and (4) implementation;
  • Case supervision and report to the client.

As efficiency is of the essence, all geopolitical situations at stake must be fully taken into account and carefully analyzed. This necessary challenge is achieved thanks to the many experts and top lawyers the firm holds in its network.

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