Graduated from the Law University of Geneva in 1991, and beginning his career as a barrister in 1995, IIAG’s founder Ralph Oswald Isenegger moved to Dubai in 2014.

After practising law for over 15 years at Etude Isenegger, the firm he founded in Geneva in 1998, he is now aiming at developing through the firm his network, contacts, know-how and experience for the benefits of his clients.  

As a lawyer, he strives to build sincere relationships with the people he works with. Speaking several languages such as English, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and French gives him the capacity to work internationally within different cultures. Collaborative is a good way to define his approach as he takes care to identify himself with his clients. 

Ralph Oswald Isenegger uses his eye for strategy to keep on top of complex legal proceedings, while also making sure that everyone does the job they are most equipped for having always the same ultimate goal: winning the case.

Res judicata pro veritate habetur

(A final decision has to be considered as the truth)

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