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The Isenegger International Advisory Group (IIAG) is a company based in the United Arab Emirates. It is a contemporary consultancy and advisory firm that provides strategic guidance in extraordinarily complex legal cases.

The firm was founded by Ralph Oswald Isenegger, who has been actively advising clients all around the world for the past 25 years.

Initially practicing as “a solicitor and barrister in Geneva, as well as pleading with colleagues in other jurisdictions, the founder of IIAG has been able to develop a unique network and know-how in the fields of international criminal law, extradition law, sanctions law, human rights” law, assets freezing and recovery laws and all kinds of international legal assistance procedures.

IIAG advises high profile clients from different backgrounds and nationalities and provides tactical defense strategies aimed at serving the client’s best interests.

Dealing with complex cases implies facing crisis management situations head on, with art and style. In IIAG’s approach, the firm works directly and personally with the client with the purpose to ensure they truly understand what strategy is applied and for which purposes.

One of the most challenging aspects of resolving complex international legal matters lies in the fact that every jurisdiction has its own specific rules and customs. Understanding the historical, cultural, social and political backgrounds is key to apprehending the mentalities and ways of thinking of the judges and prosecutors in the jurisdictions at stake.

Legal proceedings managed “by IIAG usually involve multiple jurisdictions at one time, sometimes even mixing the anglo-saxon and continental systems. There are generally conflicts of laws, fostering fertile grounds for creative approaches that enable possible resolutions.”

All these nuances must be explained to the client in order for him to understand what the right steps to be taken are.

Indeed, managing such procedures on the client’s side implies predicting the next many steps, much like in a game of chess.

An effective defense strategy is built by taking into account those multiple parameters.