IIAG supervises complex extradition cases that involve individuals targeted for their political role or influence. The firm acts as a mastermind for its clients by assisting them in organizing the appropriate legal strategy and defense, with the ultimate goal of avoiding extradition and resolving the underlying criminal case.

An extradition procedure necessarily involves different jurisdictions where the law enforcement processes are regulated by bilateral or multilateral treaties. In this framework, the client usually faces situations where the requesting state is abusing the extradition process.

IIAG organizes teams of lawyers for this purpose, coordinates and supervises their work in the legal battle for avoiding extradition, using all tactics and legal arguments available, such as, for instance:

  • Violation of arrest and detention rules and procedures connected to the extradition request;
  • Bad faith of the state requesting extradition;
  • Political motivation of the request;
  • Lack of probable cause in the primary designated offense; and/or
  • Human rights violations.

When working on high-profile extradition matters, it is essential to understand the environment that the client is surrounded by. The client is part of many invisible wars; wars of ideology, media, psychology, diplomacy, networks, and intel. This is the geopolitical context in which IIAG intervenes.

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