Strategic Advisor

Isenegger International Advisory Group’s professional trait is an ability to devise the effective strategy. On many of the high profile cases its founder has worked on, there was not a clear route or direction to follow prior to his involvement. Ranging from international criminal law to extradition cases, Ralph Oswald Isenegger’s main focus is to define the strategic steps forward, applying the best specialists and the proper legal expertise for the different aspects of any case he has been dealing with.

In this purpose, the understanding of sometimes very complex global or geopolitical situations is a key factor of success for the firm. This is achieved thanks to a large number of skilled associates around the world that Isenegger International Advisory Group can call and rely on for assistance, which is essential in order to get to successful outcomes.

Apices juris non sunt jura

(Legal principles must not be carried to their extreme, without regard for equity and good sense)

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