An extradition procedure involves different jurisdictions where the law enforcement process is usually regulated by bilateral or multilateral treaties.

To be able to deal with these complex legal situations, IIAG is working with the best solicitors and barristers in every country in order to efficiently implement the best strategy for the defense of the individual concerned by the request.

The defense organized by IIAG in extradition procedures will among others consider arguments such as:

  • Bad faith of the requesting state;
  • Political motivation;
  • Lack of probable cause;
  • Human right violations.

The IIAG rules of behavior is to exhibit perseverance and consistency with effective strategic thinking. Following meticulous planning, the company ensures that clients are prepared to face their legal battles successfully.

Nullum crimen nulla poena sine lege

(A person cannot face criminal punishment except for an act that was criminalized before he performed the act)

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